Hedonic Glass is here to create fun and functional pieces of glass art.

Playing with flowing molten glass does so much for me, it’s addicting, relieving, therapeutic, frustrating and can be truly infuriating. At least the difficult times help make those amazing and enchanting moments that glass gives all that much better.

I love the anticipation and excitement of seeing a piece and having to wait for hours or into the next day before the annealing process is done and it can finally be removed from the kiln to hold and inspect it. Sometimes Ill forget about one of the pieces and get a sweet surprise when the kiln door opens. Its almost the same as when you order the piece, you have a good sense of what it looks like but haven’t got to hold it and examine it quite yet, then you wait, then eventually a bell rings, you rush to the door and finally get to hold the piece, feel its weight and enjoy it from every angle. I am so happy to share these moments with you.

Glass is a pleasure that will last a lifetime.